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Geobee by The National Geographic

My mom bought this app for me so that I could study for the geography bee at our parent partnership.  I had won first place out of all the kids in my class and needed to study because I would be competing against kids up to eighth grade.  I like this app because it is easy to use, fun, and I think you learn a lot.

The game is divided up into 15 rounds.  There are three different types of rounds: the multiple choice challenge, the map challenge, and the photo bonus round.

  • For the multiple choice round, you have a big map and you have about a minute to answer the question.  The question might be, “Which of the following states has the largest desert region? A. Oklahoma B. Arizona C. West Virginia”.  You tap on one of the answers and either get it right or wrong.  If you answer correctly and tap B. Arizona, it will say you are correct and you will be awarded points.  If you answer incorrectly, like if you tap A. Oklahoma, it will say you are incorrect and you will be awarded no points.  There are five different questions in each multiple choice round.  You have to get a certain amount of points in each round in order to move on the next round.
  • In the map round, like the multiple choice round, you have a big map.  It will ask you were a city, a famous landmark, or some other location is on the map.  You can zoom in on the map to find places too.  Also, like the multiple choice round, you have about a minute to find the location and tap on it and if you find the correct location you will be awarded points. If you don’t tap on the correct location, you will be awarded no points.  In this round you also have to get a certain amount of points in order to move on to the next round.
  • In the last round, the photo bonus round, like the others, you have a big map and you are shown a picture.  You have to look at the stuff in the picture very carefully, because there might be a clue in the picture as to where the picture was taken.  For example, you might be shown a picture of a town and if you look closely you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.  So you know that the town is at least around Paris, France.

I really like this app because you kind of learn about every thing that has to do with geography. You learn where the different major cities are, and you learn what kind of climate different places have, because it might ask you “Which of the following states is hottest in the summer?”. It also sometimes tells you where big earthquakes or hurricanes happened. I don’t think there is really anything that I don’t like about this app, but I know that it is an awesome app. I played it a lot and it really helped me study. Well, I got third place and I was competing against fifth graders to eighth graders, so I think it helped. I can definitely say that this app deserves 5 stars! (*****)


Meet Sis

It occurred to me today that I have been missing a great opportunity. I happen to have a ten year old at my disposal who uses the iPad and the apps everyday. She also happens to be a pretty decent writer. What does every homeschool mom look for? Learning experiences that we can count as school. I was pretty impressed with my idea, so I would love to hear you weigh in on how brilliant it really is. My thought is to enlist her to help me review apps. It will provide you with an inside look as to how the kids really like the apps, and we as parents can weigh in on their educational value. Most of the ones that I really like are the ones that provide the features we need, but are easy enough for my kids to use without becoming frustrated. These are the true five star winners in my book. So I look forward to reading what she really thinks, and counting it for writing. Oh, by the way, this kid had an opinion while she was still in the womb… So don’t be afraid that she won’t tell you exactly what she thinks!

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