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Literature Based Curriculums

As this workbook and textbook mom has been slowly pushed from the security of traditional curriculum, our homeschool has become more interesting and literature based. The most exciting part about homechooling is when you realize that your children have learned how to learn. It thrills me when they come to me and ask if I can find a unit study on a topic they want to learn about. Can we learn about this for science? I think it is pretty cute when they brag that their mom can figure out a way to count ANYTHING for school. That is a big compliment in my book. I also took a statement about Sweet Pea as an ultimate compliment. In a conference to decide our next steps in helping Sweet Pea, it was pointed out that even though her test scores are low, due to her dyslexia, she has a huge amount of knowledge on a large variety of topics. This has been a main goal for our homeschool. I want well-rounded kids who can hold their own in any environment. I believe that a literature based approach has been a big part of the equation.

So how do you incorporate a literature based philosophy into your homeschool? There are many options from being semi-literature based and continuing to use some textbooks, to a complete living book approach where almost all topics are taught by reading literature books on various topics. In future posts, I will be looking at different elements of this approach. Here are just a few curriculums to check out if you are interested in literature based homeschooling.

My Father’s World
Illuminations by Bright Ideas Press
Charlotte Mason
Five In A Row

Every family needs to figure out what works for their family. After five years, I am just now feeling that we are hitting our stride and using a method that works for us. I just want to encourage my readers to evaluate how their kids learn and what fits their homeschool environment. Every family is different. Look at other homeschool families for ideas, but don’t feel that you need to compare yourself to or incorporate everything into your unique homeschool environment.

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