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Map Trek- Ancient World by Knowledge Quest Inc. and iHomeEducator Inc.

on March 23, 2012

Map Trek- Ancient World is an excellent app to go along with any ancient history curriculum or Bible study.  I am currently using it alongside The Mystery of History Vol.1.  I have managed to get my Wondermaps to partially open on the iPad, but this is the only one I have found that is made for iPad and covers similar information.

Map Trek does differ from Wondermaps.  Wondermaps is basically fabulous atlas that allows you to change the items desired on the line maps.  Map Trek is a timeline.  Along the timeline, are maps covering different topics.  For instance, they have one entitled “Abraham’s Journey”.  This map shows Abraham’s journey from Haron and ends just above Egypt.  Along the way, different towns and cities of interest have what looks like little push pins.  You can click on these push pins and pictures of the location expand in a separate box.  It tells a little bit about the significance of the location along with a picture.  Some of the pictures are of ancient ruins and some show current pictures.  Three quizzes and a review are provided on the information included in the text boxes.

I found this app to be informative and interesting.  By providing the text boxes and quizzes, it makes this app more than just an atlas.  I believe that any time you can get the kids truly interested in geography, you have a winning teaching aid.  The pictures and additional information provide this piece to the puzzle.  Knowledge Quest has several other programs for the computer, but this is the only one currently formatted for the iPad.  The only negative comment I have about this app is that you can’t print out the maps.  I would also want to be able to change them to black and white maps before printing.  Overall, it is a great app.  (**** )


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